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Questions, commentaires, contactez moi: pierre dot noizat at paymium dot com.

A propos de microbitcoin.net

The site is a showcase for e-commerce professionals to demonstrate how much easier a bitcoin checkout process can be compared to a traditionnal bank card online checkout. I have developped this site in my spare time as a service to the community. I am also one of the co-founders of paymium.com, author of "Bitcoin Book" (in French, English translation is in the works) and of several articles. Links can be found on my blog.

Why you should find microbitcoin.net interesting?

Microbitcoin.net is a project meant to facilitate building an e-commerce site offering bitcoin as a payment option.

How to pay by card in test mode?

No need to spend your money.In test mode, Stripe will accept the following (dummy) card number with any expiration date and any CVV: 4242424242424242

How to pay with Bitcoin?

Again, no need to spend your hard earned bitcoins.Use any Bitcoin wallet, e.g.: electrum (desktop), mycelium (Android) or hot wallet (iOS). Then send me an email using the one you signed up with, requesting a full refund.


Microbitcoin.net is using the awesome Paymium API gem 'paymium_api'.